Names like Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce de Leon and, more recently, Jacques Cousteau echo through eternity. Their names forever resonate the spirit of adventure. The great explorers who ventured outside the familiar and into the unknown in search of… something.

Today, there is not much left to explore in this world, at least on land. It’s all been discovered, captured, or written about, and yet, there is one area which we habitually neglect, namely life itself. Generations after generations live in a way as suggested by their parents or by society. Our forefathers have taught us to take, to excel and to impress. Work hard and climb that ladder! Most people live like slaves, spending the majority of their time with co-workers rather than people of their choosing. Society, at large, takes whatever it needs from Earth; the habitats of other species become more and more condensed, compressed and downsized, because we need the space…. Most people get what they need in stores, wondering very little, if at all, how these products got there and where they come from.

‘Life Explorers’ is a bit on the obvious side, I know, but I didn’t care to give the website a cool, hip-sounding name. After all, the idea behind this website is simple: It is meant for people who explore life’s many facets and don’t just swallow it pre-chewed. It’s a website for seekers, wanderers and ponderers. I am one of them, and I know there are many others. I am delighted each time I meet one of them, each time I encounter someone who looks for alternative solutions – aiming to live sustainably, not only taking but also giving back, while truly living. It’s not the mainstream idea of a good life, nor a heavily advertised cliche, but it is pure, and simple.
Not only that, but is doable.

Sabina Nore

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