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When we are born, we are frail. A human newborn has a long way to go prior to becoming an upright, capable individual. How long before a newborn can confidently look life in the eyes, and say “I accept your challenge?” How many fears, prejudices, and dogmatic viewpoints will be passed on to it by then?

We acknowledge the frailty of newborns as a temporary condition, but, as a society, invent and accept a staggering diversity of inhibitors to reaching our full potential as individual beings. Our physical and spiritual evolution – the organic, natural evolution – is being short-circuited around the clock. To find one’s own way is, mildly put, a challenge. Most end up following someone else’s trail, and living someone else’s dreams or ambitions. Taking up some well trodden path, or another, the majority spend their whole life following the guidelines put up by those who walked before them.

Life-explorers investigate life beyond the beaten path.

Somewhere during this dance of excavations and flights of fancy, while exploring life in this manner, we stand to find long forgotten keys, or else to discover, or even create, new ones.

The Quintessential Key

When you live according to someone else’s recipe for life, you are at least vaguely familiar with a range of possible outcomes. You roughly know what to expect, what to dread, and what to look forward to. However, when you don’t live according to a recipe, everything is possible.

Sabina Nore

Sabina Nore is an artist, writer, and passionate life-explorer. Referred to as the woman with thousand faces and the ethereal spirit of the universe, she is not a member of any party or institution. Born on the European continent, she is a proponent of the natural evolution, with a particular focus on the evolution of consciousness.

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