The Planning Stage

Leaving the island felt strange but it also felt right. We arrived in Spain on December 30th. Back in Europe, yes, but it was Barcelona instead of Vienna. Catalonia certainly doesn’t boast a tropical climate, however, the winter was milder, the sun was brighter, and the sky was bluer than what we were used to prior to Mauritius.
Having to wear shoes felt odd.

Within the two weeks we spent there, I managed to find us a house in the country that was meant to be a temporary abode. It was situated in a remote village, with views of the mountains and near a beautiful creek. There was only one problem.
We couldn’t get there.
No form of public transportation ever frequented those parts, and I didn’t have a driver’s license.
I meant to get one in Mauritius, once we settled down. English is one of the official languages there, it wouldn’t be a problem, I thought, but we were in Spain now… and I didn’t speak Spanish.
I would learn it, as would my son, but I needed a driver’s license now and so, a trip to Vienna was in order.
The shoes would become boots.

Planning a Trip

That is where we are now, as I write this.
As soon as I get my driver’s license, I’ll get a car and we’ll be on our way, except this time, we can afford to take a few gadgets with us. Little helpers. Such would have weighed us down earlier, besides, as we previously had to travel by airplane, we were limited by ✈ weight regulations. Now, it’s kind of like preparing for an extended camping trip, except that we won’t be back in a few days, nor a couple of weeks.

Do we need these things?
We don’t need a car either.
We could walk to Spain.
We could ride bicycles. (We will, later.)
But, for now, we don’t have to and, for now, this seems to make more sense.

We can prepare for this trip, while I am working on acquiring that additional skill I wish to have and, as I research and select the various gadgets, the tools, these helpers I mentioned, I’ll also write about some of them. All such posts can be found under Equipment or on this page.


Sabina Nore


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