Coffee To Go

I love coffee.

Being on the road, for me, doesn’t mean having to give up my coffee-drinking delights, and I certainly don’t want to rely on coffee shops and restaurants either. Having the right tool(s) is therefore essential.

The criteria:

  • It should use as little electricity as possible; preferably none.
  • It should be easy to use and easy to clean-up.
  • It should be a cost-efficient solution, also in the long run.
  • It should be durable.
  • It should not require any consumables, other than coffee. So, no not rely nondurable goods, such as paper filters etc.

French Press


The French Press fulfills all the criteria.

All it needs is boiling hot water and ground coffee, and the result is a delicious ‘cup of java’.

Upon completion, give the used coffee grounds to some nearby plant and rinse the french press with water.
Used coffee grounds have various nutrients and they are a good soil conditioner!  I used to give them to my plants regularly, mixing them into the soil.
They were happy plants.

• • •

Health benefits of coffee

  • The caffeine in the coffee acts as a stimulant.
  • It encourages the production of cortisone and adrenaline, which are both stimulating hormones.
  • It increases memory recall and logic comprehension.
  • People who drink at least two cups of coffee/day score better on basic IQ tests.
  • Moderate coffee drinkers (3-5 cups/day) are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease later in life than light coffee drinkers (0-2 cups/day).
  • Even moderate coffee consumption (3-5 cups per day) reduces the risk of developing dementia.
  • It reduces the risk of gallstones and gallbladder disease, in men and women.
  • It reduces the risk of contracting Parkinson’s disease later in life. In fact, the more coffee, the less likely it is to get Parkinson’s.
  • It helps the liver. It reduces the incidence of cirrhosis, and protects the liver from cancer.
  • It reduces the risk of gout in men over the age of 40.
  • It contains methylpyridinium, an anticancer compound which is formed during the roasting process.


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