Rome, Italy

“Italia terra fecunda est.” – Opening sentence in Imperium Ramonaum, a Latin text book.


The exploration of Italy has just begun. First stop: Rome. A beautiful city, rich in history and full of people who speak a dulcet language, yet there is one thing I cannot get used to: The world-famous Italian coffee.
You sit down in an Italian cafe and peruse the menu. Normal prices for Europe, nothing out of the ordinary. You order a cup of coffee. You get your order, and it is small. I mean, tiny! In some cases, one gulp, and that’s it!
3 to 5 Euros for a gulp of coffee seems a bit excessive, but then again, we are in Rome and it is brimful of tourists. And so, while you can elsewhere drink a cup of coffee, here you can lavishly savor that one gulp.
However, my French press is here, with me, so my coffee needs are adequately fulfilled and I can’t really complain.

Rome’s historical center is impressive, the narrow streets charming, and I look forward to the next station: Tivoli.


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