The Eco-Fridge

Unless you have an air-conditioner, your refrigerator is probably the single largest user of electricity.
Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up with a different concept for cooling food? Perhaps even without electricity all together?

There is the zeer pot, a simple (clay) pot in (clay) pot invention using wet sand.
Now, there is one more alternative:


Evaptainer is a lightweight cooler-type device that operates using only sunshine and water. The perfect eco-fridge.
A farmer in Morocco with an Evaptainer The product is currently being field-tested in Morocco and, if all goes well, it should become available for purchase this summer 2015.

The advantages compared to the zeer pot are:
– It is more resilient and less breakable.
– It is lighter.

The stats:
The Evaptainer requires 6 liters of water in order to keep 60 liters of food cool for 12 hours.

Eco-Fridge – The Verdict

There is certainly still room for improvements. The Evaptainer eco-fridge seems to be an excellent alternative to a common travel cooler, but I look forward to the invention of The Eco-fridge. An eco-friendly device that would truly and completely replace the common household refrigerator.

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