Unplugged: Clean Laundry

There are so many beautiful inventions…. most of them we take for granted.
A washing machine, for instance. Such a helpful tool!
However, leaving the comforts of a home and the city and with no handy laundromats in the area, what to do? How to solve this potentially time-consuming task of washing laundry while we are on the road?I have been researching different options and have settled on a portable washing machine solution, the Scrubba. It is advertised as the world’s first pocket-sized washing machine.

Scrubba + Water = Clean Laundry

Scrubba, the portable washing machine
Interesting data to consider:

  • Old washers would use between around 150 to 170 liters (40-45 gallons) of water PER LOAD.
  • Newer, high efficiency washers use about 53 to 95 liters (14-25 gallons) of water per load. (Source)
  • The portable washing machine uses 3-6 liters (0.5 to 1.5 gallons) of water and takes about 3 to 5 minutes per load.
    Even if that load is third of the size of a washing machine load, it’s still a tremendous victory in terms of eco-friendliness.

Electricity consumption: 0 (zero)
Additional bonus: Physical workout, though it is minimal

This is how it works:

Washing instructions

I love the idea and it definitely seems simple enough. For drying, we’ll use sunshine and this handy rope for hanging clothes:

Sunshine = Dry Laundry

Laundry rope

Cover photo Cover photo: Erik Johansson


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