Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and the capital of the community of Valencia. Located on the sea, it was founded as a Roman colony, in 138 BC, but next to the ancient historical center it is also known for its City of Arts and Sciences, with many beautiful futuristic structures.

City of Arts & Sciences

At the local market, Mercat Central de València, one of the oldest European markets still running:
Mercat Central de València

All photographs © Sabina

“The Central Market (El Mercado Central) is one of the oldest running food markets in Europe, although the building itself was constructed in the beginning of the XX century (the building was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII in 1928), in Art Nouveau style, with lots of colourful ceramics and mosaics. The Central Market is an excellent piece of architecture. The combination between iron, domes, glass and tiles is simply marvellous as if this is some sort of cathedral of the Valencian merchants. The inside is a fabulous feast of aromas, smells and colours and one can be easily impressed with the selection of jamón on display. El Mercado Central is really worth seeing – go all the way around it to appreciate different angles. The market is still as lively as ever, as if centuries have not passed by. A snapshot of real Valencian daily life and, needless to say, a perfect place to buy some local delicacies.” (Source)


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