Wildlife in Civilized Times

Wildlife in Civilized Times

Photo: Innocence Betrayed by Hilary O’Leary

As we eradicate wildlife from the face of Earth, so we eradicate the wild within.

We systemically kill off the beautiful, the unspoiled and the pure.
An unspeakable tragedy is taking place. You already know this.

A BBC headline reads “Wildlife decline may lead to ’empty landscape”
“It may”… haha.

The biggest losses are in South East Asia, India and Africa.
Europe and North America have already lost most of their large herbivores in a previous wave of extinctions. – BBC

If you are wondering about the carnivores, they are not much better off. “In the developed world, most carnivorous animals have already succumbed to extinction.”

There are times, when all efforts seem insufficient. Is it comforting to say ‘we tried’?
Is it comforting to think we care?

“We drove them to extinction, sure, but…”
Species after species disappearing from the face of earth, because of us.
Who are we to claim such ghastly rights?

Civilization in the 21st century…
We are ruthless savages.


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