Life beyond the beaten path


Minding its treasures

Its magnificent landscapes and natural wonders ought not be described, they ought to be seen and experienced. Despite all the alterations rushed unto it in recent centuries, its beauty is as undeniable as ever.

And so, the virtual focus shifts to different kinds of treasures: The creations, knowledge, and aspirations of the planet's dominant species: Humans.

No attempt shall be made to cover all areas, nor the entirety of any one aspect. It rather serves as a small, in comparison to the amount of treasures at our disposal, tiny though gently expanding collection of hand-picked mementos.


The numineous neans

Neans, they are called, though they are known by many names and titles, all of which are, in the end, irrelevant. You may have met one, you may be one, or not. Only you know that. Be that as it may, they are plentiful.

Neans are not bound by invented stipulations, not even when the title "facts" is bestowed upon them. Broad acceptance of invented stipulations has led to much wronghood and unnecessary suffering throughout human history, and continues to do so, attempting to spiral the human race into oblivion. As a nean does not accept falsehood, they don't accept large scale falsehood either, not even when it is a widely held and generally accepted belief.

Neans walk among humans, and look as humans. Our genetic makeup is identical. Yet, neans don't forget larger truths and thus cannot be convinced to relinquish their strongest power and highest potential. And, really, why would anyone give up something that precious?

Remember the world

an ode to beauty

Remember your essence

the nean way