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One person's must-see is another's background noise. To select but a few drops from an ocean of motion pictures, and say "These! Yes, these you cannot miss.", seems silly. There are quite a few lovely drops in that ocean. And yet, some movies are rather like oil. Tiny worlds of their own, forevermore drifting through the sea of mashed entertainment.

The Man from EarthThe Man from Earth A dialogue movie.
Slow. Beautiful.
Plausible, too.
The Wave / Die Welle The Wave / Die Welle The teacher became their leader. His students became his soldiers. What good are the lessons of the past? The story of an experiment.
GattacaGattaca A movie about faith, in oneself, one’s dreams and goals, against any and all odds. Determination and spirit. As above, so below.
The FountainThe Fountain An original movie... composed of three parallel stories of love, death, existence and spirituality, accompanied by an incredibly fitting soundtrack.
InstinctInstinct "What makes you think what you know is any different than what other people know?"
"I had different teachers."
The MatrixThe Matrix Trilogy Ancient thoughts, philosophies and wisdoms from around the world creatively and intricately woven into a magnificent and original story.
Bab'AzizBab'Aziz "Bab'Aziz - The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul" is a movie like a poem. A beautiful Sufi story, or rather a few stories, each filled with mystery, beauty and Sufi wisdom.
Pay It ForwardPay It Forward It all begins with a straight-forward school assignment by a new social studies teacher: "Think of an idea to change our world, and put it into action!"
FearlessFearless "Mastering others is strength.
Mastering yourself makes you fearless."
~Lao Tzu
Into the WildInto the Wild "I'm going to paraphrase Thoreau here... rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... give me truth."
Dead Poets SocietyDead Poets Society The Latin phrase "Carpe diem"("Seize the day") was made largely popular through this movie. A beautiful story on individuality and courage. No kitsch.
Star WarsStar Wars Saga Revealing the complexity of fate, Star Wars provokes the thought that everything is connected and displays people's ability to change both subtly and drastically.
American History XAmerican History X Hard, deep, and utterly unforgettable.
Indiana JonesIndiana Jones Trilogy Sure, there is always a goal or a quest. However, what ultimately matters is the journey itself, the adventure of it all.
La vita è bellaLa vita è bella For all the cynics and idealists turned bitter, a movie to melt the ice around your soul. The entire movie is an ode to imagination and the power of the individual.
Enemy MineEnemy Mine Taught to be enemies, two soldiers end up on a desolate planet, both unable to leave. The sci-fi cosmic version of the 1968 movie "Hell in the Pacific".
It's a Wonderful LifeIt's a Wonderful Life What if you were never born? How much of a difference can a single life make? The movie classic that tackles the famous "what if" question.
Schindler's ListSchindler's List An emotionally stirring advertisement for vanity and ambition, which can then be used to do something outstanding.

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